I can do that!

October 14, 2013

I adore Broadway show tunes and can listen to them over and over again. And sometime the lyrics pop into my head at the strangest times.

One day I was in Rio Grande jewelry supply and was waiting for my order when I noticed a small flyer on the wall asking for entries into the All That Glitters handmade jewelry competition by the New Mexico Retail Jewelers Association. The first thing that went through my mind was the song from A Chorus Line "I Can Do That." The song is about a guy who becomes a dancer after going to a dance class in place of his sister who couldn't attend and discovers that he can tap dance. 

And while I can't tap dance (well, I guess it's never too late to learn!), I can make jewelry. And although I've never entered a competition before, I said to myself: "I can do that. Why not."

My friend Sandy came over and she and I went through my jewelry collection and she said "This is the necklace you should enter".

A few weeks before the judging on September 28, I saw that the Jeweler's Association would be announcing the winners at a party at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History where all the entries would be on display until November 13. So I bought tickets for my husband, Jeff, and I and we got dressed up and went to the event.

After a delicious meal and great conversation with other jewelers and people who love jewelry and friends of people who love and make jewelry, we entered a theater in the museum. There were several really interesting and fun presentations about the history of gemstone mining in the US, a description of a fabulous private collection of flawless gems and what to look for in gem quality.

Then they showed slides of the entries in each category and announced the first and second place winners in each of seven categories.

My necklace was entered into the last category and when I saw my name as first place winner in the Beadwork group, my husband and I gasped with delight. When the slide show was over, I felt like I dreamt that I had won. It wasn't until I picked up my beautiful glass globe trophy that I knew it was real.

If you live in Albuquerque and get a chance to go to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, you will be treated to delightful dinosaurs, vivid volcano stories, glorious geodes and, of course, handmade jewelry!!! The geodes and jewelry are on display until November 13. After that my winning necklace will be for purchase on my web site www.ninaforrest.com.

Do you have a time when you challenged yourself to do something you've never done before? And if you haven't, next time the opportunity arises say "I can do that." You never know what can happen!




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Hazel Thornton
Hazel Thornton

October 15, 2013

Congratulations, Nina! You deserve to win. You’re a talented jeweler, and that’s a beautiful piece.

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