Bone Up on Beads

September 28, 2016


Bone jewelry looks from casual to dressy.  

Click on the following pics to get a full description of the jewelry in the above collages.

About bone

The luminescent glow of ivory has been prized across the globe since ancient times for creating beautiful objects. I have just created a collection of pieces with lovely white beads that glow with the patina of ivory, but are made with humane and responsible fair trade practices. The material is BONE. 

Handcrafted African bone and horn beads have been used in jewelry-making for hundreds of years. Hand carved from discarded organic material, the beads are typically off-white, shades of brown, or a combination of black and white. The bone is left its natural color or is dyed using the batik method where wax, ink, or other resistant materials are used on the bead to create a design where the dye does not permeate the bead. 

The suppliers I purchase my horn and bone from source their beads from fair trade groups, non-profit organizations, women-owned co-ops, and other global initiatives committed to environmentally responsible and fair trade practices.

This short video shows the story of how bone beads are made in Kenya.


Explore and create your own unique look with bone jewelry at by typing bone in the search field at the top of any web page. You'll find the pieces below and many more.



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